Marine AC Compressor SmartStart, Soft Start, Hard Start Assist

November 8, 2010 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Cruisair Store,Featured-Home,Marine A/C Store,Marine Airrrr Store

Got a Compressor that is a bit hard starting...Maybe marginal Shore Power or Generator causing Tripped Breakers, Lights Dimming, or Battery Backups beeping every time the A/C starts...This could be your answer...

[vsw id="iEu5clbUbts" source="youtube" width="625" height="444" autoplay="no"]

I have installed several and found the claims to be true...

The instructions are pretty straight forward, but I can also provide an installation video...



[vsw id="LVZ3Dgb_QAI" source="youtube" width="625" height="444" autoplay="no"]

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