Free Marine A/C & Refrigeration Troubleshooting

March 24, 2010 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ DIY Questions

Greetings All...

This is just a note to confirm that I offer FREE Troubleshooting help for your Marine A/C & Refrigeration issues...But I ONLY do this in the FORUM section...If you can't take the time to register & ask in the FORUM...I usually won't respond...(this section is not setup for dialog/'s only setup for comments)

My only request in return is that you Consider me when buying replacement parts, or units...And that if local, you also consider my services....But how's they saying go ?

No Purchase Necessary...That price can't be beat at half the cost !!!

All you need to do is join & ask in the FORUM section most relative to your issue

Post your own title (thread) in the section that applies, and I'll be happy to respond with my best honest advise...

Thanks Again,