Direct Expansion A/C

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Self-Contained systems are ideal for smaller boats in which engine room space is limited. All of the system components, except for the seawater pump and strainer, are built on a single low-profile chassis. It is normally installed under a berth, in a closet or any other out-of-the-way location. Air is carried through flexible ducts to air grills for discharge into one or more compartments.

Self Contained systems are easy to install in an existing boat, since the unit doesn't take up much space and it can be installed without disrupting the boat's interior. The system's closed refrigerant loop is precharged at the factory, and no field charging is needed. A pre-wired plug makes for easy, error-free electrical hookup. Dometic Self Contained Units are available with either the Cruisair or Marine Air brand names in 5,000-24,000 BTU capacities

Remote systems (second & third photo) provide the greatest flexibility for boats 36 feet and up. The condensing unit, which includes the compressor and other mechanical components, is placed in the engine room. Only the compact, quiet cooling/heating unit goes in the living compartment, where it is normally built into the cabinet work. Dometic offers a broad range of cooing/heating units for installation behind bulkheads, under bunks, in narrow lockers, beneath a flybridge and other locations. You can run several cooling/heating units from a single remote condensing unit.

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