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Remember that the quickest way to get me to answer your questions is if you register and enter your question in the forum. I don't have as much time to answer technical questions via email. Thanks!

The best time to reach me by phone is in the mornings...Though the above number is my cell phone, I'm often on the docks or in a bilge in the afternoons (yes I still have to work too) and not close to pricing info...Mornings are the time I answer Forum posts First, Then E-Mails & PM's (in that order) Also answering & making calls, so sometimes the e-mail & PM's have to wait if I need to get out in the field...

Phone & E-mail are how I quote pricing as Dometic frowns on me doing so in the public forum...Please note that Retail pricing is at the top of every page in the Cruisair & Marine Airrr pricing links (I just can't quote discounts publicly)

The forum is what I would prefer you to ask service questions in, as I started it as a resource for everyone to learn, and each post helps with that...It also helps me to not answer related questions individually....If you look thru the forum your answer is likely there, but please don't hesitate to ask...Often I may link you to a related post or thread but can and will still answer your individual question in the forum asap if you feel your question is not covered.

Thanks Again for Everyone's participation at's growing daily...


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