Chilled / Tempered Water Marine Air Conditioning A/C

August 7, 2009 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ AC/Systems,Chilled Water

DSCF1533Dometic (Cruisair & Marine Air) tempered water systems are built for larger yachts and commercial craft.

These two-stage systems use circulated water as a heat transfer medium. The warmed or cooled fluid is piped through a closed loop from the tempering unit in the engine room to any number of air handling units throughout the boat.

Dometic's unique reverse-cycle design provides very efficient heating, even in relatively cold seawater temperatures, in many cases eliminating the need for separate heating systems.

Dometic offers a complete line of single-compressor and staged multi-compressor systems from 1.5 tons up, utilizing state-of-the-art compact modular tempering units.

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