Backflush A/C ? & Marine Growth

August 24, 2009 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ About,AC/Systems,Maintence Tips,Marine AC

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Hi Steve, love your web site - lots of great info. ! Our company does a lot of yacht maintenance / mechanical preventive maintenance type stuff here in Wilmington, N.C. - my question is, do you have an opinion concerning back flushing the sea water lines on marine air conditioning systems ? That is, do you think there is any benefit to occasionally (2 or 3 times per season), removing the water discharge hose and connecting a dockside water hose to the unit and pumping water backwards through the system. I have talked with some individuals who believe that doing so helps to remove/reduce the amount of marine growth in the coils and hoses, eliminating the need for or reducing the frequency of acid cleaning. Any advice or opinions you can offer would be greatly appreciated