Welcome to Marine-AC.comSteve Pooler

Marine-AC.com is a new website for Cooler Marine Services.  Steve Pooler of Cooler Marine has been servicing yacht air conditioning on the West Coast of Florida for nearly 23 years (11 of which were with a Cruisair distributor) and in the recreational boating industry for 35 years. (original welcome text by Steve Pooler in 2008)

Steve Passed unexpectedly in 2012 but his legacy lives on with this website. 

Marine-AC.com is dedicated to the my late Brother Steve Pooler. Steve spent his entire lifetime working on and fixing boats and yachts like yours.  Steve became a widely recognized and respected marine Air Conditioning technician throughout the Southeast USA for over 20 years. He dedicated the last years of his life to helping educate boat owners on how to fix and maintain the Marine Air Conditioning Systems in their boats.  Please continue to contribute to the forum with questions and answers from the Marine Air Conditioning Community.  

Thank you for stopping here to read about the site.  Steve was very proud of the work that he did, he would spend hours working on formulating the exact right ways to answer questions about DIY or Troubleshooting problems in the Forum.  His advice was link to from other boat forums and websites from all over the world and we all miss his dedication, caring and knowledge.  


My name is Scott Pooler, and while I am not the expert that Steve was in Marine Air Conditioning, I did Sail as a Captain for many years (25+), both commercially and on yachts. In fact I grew up in the same boat yards Steve did.  To be honest, Steve's passing was devastating for me, as my older brother he was always the go to guy for any kind of advice, but especially boat related advice. We, as brothers, did not always agree on everything, and we butted heads on many things.... including this very website that I built for him back in about 2007.  Steve did come around to liking the website, and even (in his last several years he was dedicated to this website as if it were a child).  Steve loved to teach, and the forum here gave him the opportunity to share is years of experience and his unique way of explaining how things worked to the boat owners that he understood and worked with most of his adult lifetime. 

My hope is to allow boat owners continue to learn from Steve's knowledge and advice. I will maintain this website in his honor and will continue to try and find the best deals on new and used marine Air Conditioning and Refrigeration parts and systems available.  Please keep in mind that I do not make a lot of money from this website, but I would like to pay the hosting bills, so if you see a product you may need here, don't hesitate to buy it through our links.  Thank You! 

Scott Pooler - 1600 gt Master All Oceans - 500 gt Master Sail - retired