Marine Air Conditioning System Maintenance
  • Ac System Icing

    A/C System Ices Up

    July 16, 2010

    I notice from the Google searches…That A/C System Icing is a search done often.. Though there can be many reasons for system icing…There are a few that the DIY boater can rule out before calling the service guy ( I can discuss other reasons in the forum but here are a few of the basic answers) Direct Expansion […]

  • free-sign

    Free Marine A/C & Refrigeration Troubleshooting

    March 24, 2010

    Greetings All… This is just a note to confirm that I offer FREE Troubleshooting help for your Marine A/C & Refrigeration issues…But I ONLY do this in the FORUM section…If you can’t take the time to register & ask in the FORUM…I usually won’t respond…(this section is not setup for dialog/discussion…it’s only setup for comments) My only request […]

  • MarinAire Retrofit-Control1

    Marine A/C Cabin Controls

    February 22, 2010

    Since they are not like home A/C controls…Sometimes marine A/C controls are misunderstood…Hope this can clear up some misconceptions…

    They do provide the same function as in home systems as they are designed to keep the temperature in the cabin/room at a selected temp within a few degrees…

    But different than Home…They can (and most do nowadays) offer more/different features than we use at home depending on the type of marine control that is installed…We can cover some of those features here but first we need to define which type of control is installed…Although there have been and are many types and models of controls with several variations…

  • To 2010 Boat/Yacht A/C Owners

    January 5, 2010

    Hello All…A New Year again…Hopefully yours was good…. I started this site last year to “put my feelers out”  about what owners and captains may want to learn and share about marine  a/c. The support has been more than I ever expected… So… My New Year resolution to you is expand the site we created…Because of your feedback I am […]

  • Used Marine Air 16K Self Contained Cool/Heat A/C Unit w/Digital Control…SOLD….

    November 13, 2009

      Edit: This unit SOLD…..We now list used units in the classified section of…We presently have a Newer 16 K Cruisair unit listed See:              Unit model VRE16K-H (Rotary Compressor) 16,000 BTU 115 volt. Serial 11844 Digital Control is a Marine Air Passport AH (White) The unit came from a Grand Banks […]

  • CruisairPumpRelay

    Marine A/C Pumps and Pump Relays

    August 7, 2009

    We have touched on seawater cooling and lack of…Now what about if you have a intermittent problem, or the pump won’t start at all ?

    In boats with multiple systems running on one seawater pump there is most likely a Pump Relay to receive a signal from each system to tell the pump it needs to run…That is unless it has been bypassed and the pump runs 24/7 from the breaker ( I see this done fairly often)

    Lets start with the breaker in the main panel…Most are labeled A/C pump or similar…Some boats may have the pump breaker tied in with one of the A/C system breakers (Ocean Yachts for one used to connect the pump to the Main Salon A/C Breaker) but most should have a stand alone breaker…

  • forum

    New “Forum” Section

    March 13, 2009

    Thanks to my webmaster brother Capt Scott…We now have a forum section…Whoo Hoo !!! Everyone can access it, but registration is required to post…I don’t share that info…You can find the link at the top of any of Marine’s pages…Just click on “Forum”…Or you can click on this We are slowly growing, and I seem to notice from the searches what folks do […]

  • Hello to Boat A/C Owners

    October 16, 2008

    I’d like to say hello and offer my plans for this site… First & Foremost…True to my history in the marine maintenance and air conditioning business…I’d like to help the boat owner with their A/C & Refrigeration systems. I am always happy to share my experience, from the most minor advice…To major cooling or refrigeration upgrade plans…Questions […]