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Ac System Icing

A/C System Ices Up

I notice from the Google searches…That A/C System Icing is a search done often.. Though there can be many reasons for system icing…There are a few that the DIY boater can rule out before calling the service guy ( I can discuss other reasons in the forum but here are a few of the basic answers) Direct Expansion […]

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Free Marine A/C & Refrigeration Troubleshooting

Greetings All… This is just a note to confirm that I offer FREE Troubleshooting help for your Marine A/C & Refrigeration issues…But I ONLY do this in the FORUM section…If you can’t take the time to register & ask in the FORUM…I usually won’t respond…(this section is not setup for dialog/discussion…it’s only setup for comments) My only request […]

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crosby cold plate

Cold Plate/Hold Over Refrigeration

For many years Hold Over/Cold plate refrigeration was the way to go for long distance cruising yachts, and over the road refrigerated trucks…The function is Just as the Phrase Implies…Hold Over…For extended periods with a minimum of refrigeration system run time. The Advantages, and Disadvantages of a Hold Over system are similar to a block […]

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MarinAire Retrofit-Control1

Marine A/C Cabin Controls

Since they are not like home A/C controls…Sometimes marine A/C controls are misunderstood…Hope this can clear up some misconceptions… They do provide the same function as in home systems as they are designed to keep the temperature in the cabin/room at a selected temp within a few degrees… But different than Home…They can (and most […]

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Marine A/C Icing in Heat

I have been experiencing an a/c problem also but on the heat mode side. I have 4 A/C system with one giving me a icing problem on the compressor unit. Starting on the suction side and loop tubing of the remote unit is freezing up with heavy ice. The compressor is hot to touch. Check […]

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More on Hold Over/Cold Plates

In another forum I visit…I answered a post http://www.boatered.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=130856 from a gentleman that was considering replacing his 12v standard plate system with a like system utilizing a Hold Over/Cold Plate in his factory (boat builder) built top loading box…The system he was considering is one of the package type systems offered today, and below is a copy […]

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Cool Breeze Above Deck

Innovative System Cools Boaters on Deck with Directional Jets of Chilled Air

Dometic has unveiled a new type of air conditioning system designed to provide cool relief for boat passengers in open spaces above decks. Developed through innovative engineering, this high-efficiency system blows chilled air through high-velocity directional jets aimed at people in the helm station, outdoor salon, fishing area or other locations. Just when rising temperatures […]

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New “Forum” Section

Thanks to my webmaster brother Capt Scott…We now have a forum section…Whoo Hoo !!! Everyone can access it, but registration is required to post…I don’t share that info…You can find the link at the top of any of Marine -AC.com’s pages…Just click on “Forum”…Or you can click on this http://marine-ac.com/forum/ We are slowly growing, and I seem to notice from the searches what folks do […]

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Happy 2009 To Boat Owners

Here’s to hoping your New Year is Prosperous…and Regardless of the present status of the economy…I’m sure that most all of us are feeling the same pinch ! I’d like to offer that in the past economic downturns…I have noticed that Service of older systems/boats seems Much more prevalent than the purchase of new…And that […]

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