• Ac System Icing

    A/C System Ices Up

    July 16, 2010

    I notice from the Google searches…That A/C System Icing is a search done often.. Though there can be many reasons for system icing…There are a few that the DIY boater can rule out before calling the service guy ( I can discuss other reasons in the forum but here are a few of the basic answers) Direct Expansion […]

  • To 2010 Boat/Yacht A/C Owners

    January 5, 2010

    Hello All…A New Year again…Hopefully yours was good…. I started this site last year to “put my feelers out”  about what owners and captains may want to learn and share about marine  a/c. The support has been more than I ever expected… So… My New Year resolution to you is expand the site we created…Because of your feedback I am […]

  • Backflush A/C ? & Marine Growth

    August 24, 2009

    Copy of recent e-mail to Marine… Hi Steve, love your web site – lots of great info. ! Our company does a lot of yacht maintenance / mechanical preventive maintenance type stuff here in Wilmington, N.C. – my question is, do you have an opinion concerning back flushing the sea water lines on marine […]

  • More on Hold Over/Cold Plates

    In another forum I visit…I answered a post from a gentleman that was considering replacing his 12v standard plate system with a like system utilizing a Hold Over/Cold Plate in his factory (boat builder) built top loading box…The system he was considering is one of the package type systems offered today, and below is a copy […]

  • CruisairPumpRelay

    Marine A/C Pumps and Pump Relays

    August 7, 2009

    We have touched on seawater cooling and lack of…Now what about if you have a intermittent problem, or the pump won’t start at all ?

    In boats with multiple systems running on one seawater pump there is most likely a Pump Relay to receive a signal from each system to tell the pump it needs to run…That is unless it has been bypassed and the pump runs 24/7 from the breaker ( I see this done fairly often)

    Lets start with the breaker in the main panel…Most are labeled A/C pump or similar…Some boats may have the pump breaker tied in with one of the A/C system breakers (Ocean Yachts for one used to connect the pump to the Main Salon A/C Breaker) but most should have a stand alone breaker…

  • DSCF1577

    Chilled / Tempered Water Marine Air Conditioning A/C

    Dometic (Cruisair & Marine Air) tempered water systems are built for larger yachts and commercial craft.

    These two-stage systems use circulated water as a heat transfer medium. The warmed or cooled fluid is piped through a closed loop from the tempering unit in the engine room to any number of air handling units throughout the boat.

    Dometic’s unique reverse-cycle design provides very efficient heating, even in relatively cold seawater temperatures, in many cases eliminating the need for separate heating systems.

  • Cool Breeze Above Deck

    Innovative System Cools Boaters on Deck with Directional Jets of Chilled Air

    July 6, 2009

    Dometic has unveiled a new type of air conditioning system designed to provide cool relief for boat passengers in open spaces above decks. Developed through innovative engineering, this high-efficiency system blows chilled air through high-velocity directional jets aimed at people in the helm station, outdoor salon, fishing area or other locations. Just when rising temperatures […]